Hi Keyur,nThanks for your response. I don't think I have a similar issue as the post you shared. A screenshot is attached below. P1 - P6 are geometry parameters in Spaceclaim, and design points can be updated when I change them (DP0, DP4, DP6, DP8, DP9, DP10). P13 is the outlet mass flow rate in Fluent boundary conditions. When I change P13, for example, DP10 and DP11 have the same geometry but different outlet mass flow rate, the design point can still be updated but I don't get new results. There is always the warning (DP 11) Input parameter Outlet_m is not used for this simulation. :dp11 for each design point.nnWhen I was checking my Fluent model for the current design point DP0, I found that the outlet mass flow rate is still a constant, not the parameter that I used. So I changed it to parameter Outlet_m, and when I pressed save I chose use the current setting for future calculation. Then the issue is gone. So I'm guessing that previously when I set the parameter, although it showed up in the parameter set, it was not saved properly? Whenever setting a parameter in Fluent, it must be saved to use for future calculation? Is that the right way to do it?nThanks!nn