Ansys Employee
Hello Array,n1)  the sudden change in the thickness of the composite plies on the two sides, that won't result in a singularity?  - If you could avoid a corner, then the thickness change wont result in singularity. n2) This means I can safely depend on the results in its vicinity, since the high nodal difference is not the result of a singularity there, isn't it? - The best way to find a singularity is to refine the mesh and check if its converging. I may be wrong but in your case I see a corner which might result in a singularity. If your area of interest is away from the corner than you need not worry much.n3)Also, can the mathematics behind the ANSYS cause a singularity to be seen at the transition from one composite layer to another - No, I don't see any reason for this to happen. n4) but as far as I know, ANSYS keeps the force direction and location constant throughout the analysis unless you apply a pressure to the surface or a follower force, isn't it?, yes the direction of force remains the same but the point of application changes and this is significant for large deflections(again a fish rod gets bent and the moment arm decreases).nRegards,nIshan.n