1/ nSteps:n1_Initialiszation:nGauge Pressure:4000 & Elektrolyte Volume Fraction:0 --> Initializen2_Patch:n2.1_Electrolyte > Volume Fraction = 1 & Selecting the right zone --> Patchn2.2_Mixture > Pressure:101325 Pa & Selecting the right zone --> PatchnnAlso, I always check my contours:electrolyte volume fraction & abs. pressure and it seemed to have both been patched for me.nn2/nI have a transient VOF simulation and I have the porous media model activated for the left zone.nPhase 1 = nitrogen --> is defined as ideal-gasnPhase 2 = electrolyte --> is as incompressible liquidnI use a pressure-based solver, Energy activated, Turbulence:Reynold Stress activated, gravity activated, my domain is at the very left symmetry and the two zones are separated by an interior BC, pressure-inlet and rest is walls.nn