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From your other attempt at posting - it's forum related so not a problem.Hello everyone,nI want to include coal devolatilization reaction in the Eulerian framework. I have two mixture phases, one mixture-air and another mixture-coal.nUsually, coal is composed of char (solid carbon), volatiles, moisture, and ash. I took default coal-hv-volatiles-air as mixture-coal and added carbon solid, hv_vol, SiC (ash), h2o (moisture) species in it.nI am using KTGF model to solve particulate stresses in the mixture-coal phase. I have the following doubts on solving the KTGF model and inclusion of coal devolatilization.nSince I am using KTGF model for mixture-coal, should I include moisture and volatiles in mixture-air as they are do not come into solid phase-in reality?nTo include devolatilization reaction the most used model is Kobayashi two-equation method (see Eq. (1) in 'devolatilization-rxn.jpg' in the attachment). For this, we need the chemical formula volatile. How to obtain it?nEq. (1) leads to two kinetic rates (two equations). How to include them as one in UDF? Since there should be only one devolatilization reaction. Or am I missing something here?nSince Eq. (1) is mentioned as a heterogeneous reaction (taken from literature), should we consider volatiles as solid phases and include it as species in mixture-coal?nEq. (3) in 'devolatilization-rxn.jpg'. Moisture converted to water vapor. Since it is mentioned as a heterogeneous reaction, should h20 (moisture) included in the mixture-coalnAny clarification on the above queries would be greatly helpful.n