nTo use the 'particle deposition options' within mpm for this simulation, I want to assign only the 'leak' area of the model wall (the extrusion poking out at the top) as an area where the particle can be deposited. This is because the real world particles only 'deposit' when they are forced to deform into regions under high-pressure differential (such as leaks) - i.e. when hitting the rest of the pipe wall, they would simply 'bounce' off. nIn order to do so, the I method can see would be to create a new 'body' (which forms a singular 'part' alongside the main pipe body) for the leak, with 'deposition' only being set for this area. However, a potential issue I have encountered is the fact that the guide for the MPM model within 'help' for Ansys states that it cannot be used for 'mesh interfaces'. nAs a follow-up question, does a 'mesh interface' refer to any boundary between separate bodies within Ansys within this context, or does it specifically refer to the boundary condition 'mesh interface'? Or is essentially the two - i.e. all boundaries between geometric 'bodies' must have the 'mesh interface BC applied to them. If this is the case, does this mean MPM cannot be used in simulations containing separate bodies?nThanks again for your help.n