also just observed more closely your configuration with assembly. There is almost no advantage to building this model with assembly. As you have pointed out, some (many) connections/joints are not applicable until the structure is in its final assembled configuration. I would recommend copying components in Spaceclaim, this patterns the component, any change to bodies in one component, will affect all copies of the component.nReasons to not use assemblynSimple structure, and simple to mesh all at oncenConsistent connected mesh across whole structure, meaning the model only requires one part definition in mechanical.nno need to analyse sub componentsnReasons to use assemblynmany parts (>100) with disconnected meshnmany patterned parts that require connections (or FE objects such as distributed masses) to be patterned with the part - - - (this is what you were hoping to acheive but is not 100% applicable to this structure)ndifferent configurations of assembled parts to be analysed. i.e. assembly coordinates can be parameterised and used in studies, similar to part transform.n