Google Translate: In a tutorial they propose the study of a beam to simulate its behavior under loads. But when trying to save it before opening the model instance, I get the problem of not being able to archive it because the piece exceeds fifty faces. I tried using the merge option, but still can't save it either. I will be very grateful for your help.nnDid you start with solid bodies and use the Midsurface button? That creates a new surface and hides the solid. That may be why you have exceeded the limits. Show all hidden bodies and delete all the solids that you are not sending to Mechanical for meshing.nTranslation resultsn?Comenz? con cuerpos s?lidos y us? el bot?n Midsurface? Eso crea una nueva superficie y oculta el s?lido. Puede que sea por eso que ha superado los l?mites. Muestre todos los cuerpos ocultos y elimine todos los s?lidos que no est? enviando a Mechanical para mallar. n