If you choose to use Material Homogenisation method, YOu need to test the data and modle into appropoiate Material model based on your requirement say just elastic response or with plastic respose. The test sample shoul have your requried defects so it generates accurate Stress strain model. The material modeller is out of question you cannot use for full body, you can model an unit and evaluate the properties.ncheck the following, i used Algorithmic Design to model the Defects, mostly with spheres,You can control the voids percentage. This is one way to model the Defects Algorithmically we called as Procedural design -----------> Hope you enjoy this. nnThe limitation is you cannot parametrise them but you have to create each geoementry for percentage of defects in your solid.I have used some sample load by defining an Aluminium Alloy, i know its different material but i got to use what i have so here is the results.nnComment down your progression for futher assisitance.nCheers,nRamn