Thanks for your attention! I ran the fluent 15.0 before but it happened to stall at the first iteration (as shown in the figure below)when I hit the calculation last week (before that I could run my case fluently). So I supposed that the version I use is quite low or the computer is overloaded and therefore I installed the Ansys 19.2 and simplified the mesh elements from 240w to 150w. However, the case in fluent 19.2 has not been successfully run once.nI load three UDF in this case. One is to improve the K-e model and provide sheared wind profile and another two are to model the wind turbine with VBM (virtual blade model).I didn't compile the code on the current computer and just compiled them in fluent. Again, this setting has been successfully run on my old version of fluent, it just happened to stall one day.nnThanks for your help. Darry

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