! I used to discuss my problem with you before about the mesh and you recommended me to make the finer mesh to get the appropriate results from fluent. But whenever I go to medium mesh or fine mesh in order to compare the results between Coarse mesh, medium mesh and fine mesh, I could not do that because the calculation of medium mesh and fine mesh are not converged at all. I tried many methods, but it still did not converged. According to my less experience before I noticed that the different results between the coarse mesh and medium mesh is around 20% to 30% different, and the medium mesh and fine mesh is around 1% to 10% different. So I think if I run the fine mesh successfully, the results in fluent will be at most 1 m/s, it still cannot match with my calculation which is 1.645 m/s. If my thought is wrong, please guide and advice me! Thank you!n