Array referring to your question: Yes after one time step or even after one iteration in a time step: do you see a massive change in the pressure field after the initialization?nI decided to run 5 time steps, in order to see the changes in the contour plot.nnThe steps I performed prior to starting the simulation:n1_Initializationn2_Patch:n 1st Patch: Phase > Electrolyte > Variable: Volume Fraction > Value: 1 (on the right zone) & Check Contour of Electrolyte Volume Fraction --> check was okn 2nd Patch: Phase > Mixture > Variable: Pressure > Value: 101325 Pa (on the right zone) & Check volume-average static & absolute pressure Contour --> check was okn3_Check both contours again --> they were as before okn4_Animation Definition for the absolute Pressure (every time step)n5_Start calculation for 5 Time StepnnResult: After 5 Time Steps pressure drops rapidly to 40 mbar and only a small bar of 100 mbar remains.nnof the left (porous zone)...nn2/ The amount of electrolyte shall be in the area of 70 ml, how can it be in the order kg? I have a 2D case here (for faster calculation). Is a depth of 1m assigned for the 3rd dimension by default or something like that?n
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