Khashayar Ghaffari
Ansys Employee
Hi, nFortunately, as we discussed you were able to resolve the issue. However, for future reference:nIf this script is being run in the MODE simulation, I expect it to work as needed; when I run the code, the dataset is successfully imported.nTo take the data available in solvers and monitors and move them to the script environment you can use the getresult command.nYou can start by:n?getresult(CHARGE); #for the solvernor n?getresult(CHARGE::chargemonitor); #for the monitornTo list the available results, and then proceed by specifying the specific dataset and saving it to a variable, for example:n data = getresult(CHARGE::chargemonitor","charge);nnIf you are interested in eventually saving this data to an external file you can use commands like write or matlabsave depending on the format/data you need.n nKind regardsn