Thank you for your reply. n1) I haven't simulated the structural analysis post welding(t = 20). I will try and let you know the results after doing so. n2) I think I have figured out something more. Actually, I was not including bilinear plasticity in materials property(which is crucial in problems where stresses are exceeding yield stress). These things I was unaware of. But by including plasticity, I have some genuine force convergence issues.n3) I am not using temperature-dependent material properties for initial analysis. Once I get the residual stress pattern right, I will include them too.n4) Force convergence plotnJust after it, the simulation is throwing convergence error.n5) Displacement convergence plotnWhich is doing fine till now. n6) Newton-raphson residualn7) Ansys is showing some recommendations too.nnPlease, help me solving this convergence issue.nRegards,nLatnukn