Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
It seems like the section you reference for the link is the section for a membrane. So you need to have a separate section for the link element.nnSo say we have section for link, and section for shell, then it should be:nET,1,180nET,2,181nnSECTYPE,1,LINK, ,nSECDATA,0.1,nSECCONTROL,0,0 nnSECTYPE,2,shell,, nsecdata, 0.005,1,0.0,3 nnThus when we define a link, we need:nsecn,1ntype,1nE,node1,node2nnand for shellnnsecn,2ntype,2nE,...nnMore info about these commands can be found in the help manual , apdl section.nAll the bestnnEriknn