Ansys Employee
,nWeak springs are generally used when there is a small imbalanced force, whereas inertia relief is used where there is a significant imbalanced load to cause acceleration of the body. During inertia relief even if you apply supports, the forces and moments on these supports would be near zero. The supports should be minimal and should not over constrain the model. For a 3D body constraining only 6 DOfs are sufficient to prevent rigid body motion. Please check this https://simutechgroup.com/static-analysis-with-inertia-relief-in-ansys-workbench-mechanical/#:~:text=Ansys%20Workbench%20Mechanical%20supports%20Inertia,singular%2C%20and%20no%20solution%20exists. Note how applying different constraints results in nearly the same stress value. I would recommend this approach rather than using weak springs.nnRegards,nIshan.n