There is only one interface (contact deposit-adhesive).nThe fluid domain is closed. I dont want to simulate the evaquation of adhesive. nTo sum up: I have two parts (one deposit and adhesive). Inside the deposite I am going to introduce a heat flux through a Named Selection. Before doing a transient simulation to see the liquid fraction of adhesive during the time, I want to do some steady simulations to check that I created a good mesh (mesh sensibility). That means that the temperature of some points doesnt change even if we continue refining the mesh.nSo, for the steady simulations I am going to do it simple: I am going to set up the temperature of the Named Selection at a 423 Kelvin and check the temperature in some points. So I enabled the Energy equation, I chosed the aluminiun material for the deposit, the ethyl acetate for the adhesive, I set up the boundary condition on my Named Selection with 423 Kelvin, I made a standard initialization, I set up the residuals at 1e-6 except the K (0.001) and Omega (0.001). I ran the calculation for 100 iterations.nnBut it never converges. Any idea?n