Ansys Employee
Hi Muhammad,nPlease find responses inline to your questions - nHow do I define my excitation in this case? For example, how do I define my port in this case? You do not require any excitations for Eigenmode solver type.nDo I need an air box? This depends on your requirement. Please be specific on your need for air box.nThe eigenmode solution type should give me the same self-resonant frequency that I observed from the modal solution type, correct? May I know why you would like to use Eigenmode solution type for your model if you were able to solve it using Driven type?nIncorporating the lossy dielectric layer (in green) and a lossy Cu conductor (in orange) would produce some losses. These collective losses can be found from the Quality Factor that is given in the results of the Eigenmode solution type, correct? Yes, quality factor information will be present in the Eigenmode solution data if applicable.nI noticed that since I have a thin layer of dielectric, the mesh generated is huge... Any advice on how I can reduce the mesh without compromising the correctness of the solution? You can make use of layered impedance boundary. For detailed information on this please refer the HFSS Help document.nAll the very best.nBest Regards,nn