How can you be sure?nBecause there are many articles that show good match between experiment and magnetostatic theory and don't consider any kind of pinning. nSorry, I am not doing film research for many years and lost some of my paper folders. But I can insure you, that is a common practice... it was in 90s.nSorry, you didn't answer my question and I still have no clue what you are talking about. Who are Adam, Schuhl and Damon? Can you give me last names or something else by which to identify them? Also, can you draw or explain more detailed what you mean by cut the film at 45 degrees?nSo, at your place I would just try defining the function in the material editor (in its scope), avoiding accessing XYZ objects from the project var editor. And see what happens; will it be different or the same.nIt doesn't make a difference. nI am not saying that, but it happens quite often, and I personally check the conversions with a dummy box coordinates, or use excessive formulation with depersonification of variables first, then multiplying by the unit last.nI find HFSS always will evaluate an expression in base units (meters, for example), even if one of the variables has been defined separately with units of mm.n