Respected Sir,nThank you very much and sorry for the late reply.nIt was a very useful videos and your keyword reference also worked well.nI could possibly do up to some extent.nI hope I have got an idea of proceeding. But still, I face a problem.nThe shaft has to rotate in a Z axis. So I gave (0,0,1) in the frame motion, yet the shaft is lifting up in Y-axis (that is the problem) and the origin of rotation is (0,0,0) (i.e, I positioned at the centre) .nSo what is the problem here?nAlso If I Tick ON the ENERGY at the model and specify the source terms, I get the energy residual diverging beyond 1E+4 and the within few iterations, I get FLOATING POINT ERROR.nPlease, kindly, get me a perfect solution, in this aspect.nKeenly waiting for your answer and especially from Mr Karthick (Thank you personally).nnThank you experts!n