Dear Marlene nWhat kind of elements are connecting these nodes? Are they linear or quadratic?nThe issue with your request is that none of the nodes might have exactly 2 mm of displacement. The reason is that the continuous solid body has been discretized to nodes. The solution has computed the displacement of each node. The shape function of the element interpolates the displacement within the element. The advantage of the contour plot is that it uses the shape function to interpolate displacements within the element.nWhy do you need to know the exact location of 2 mm of displacement? How will you use that information? What allowable range can you put on the 2 mm value? For example +/- 5% would be +/- 0.1 mm. It would be easier to find nodes within a range. If no nodes are found within the allowable range, you could mesh with smaller elements in the location near the 2 mm and you will eventually find nodes in the range.nOne way to locate the nodes that are close to 2 mm is to export the nodal results into a spreadsheet. Just right click on the result and select Export. Then you can sort the spreadsheet by the deformation as shown below. Note that no node has exactly 2 mm of deformation. The node location is before deformation. If you want the location in space where a node close to 2 mm deformation is, you will have to create four results, one for Total, then one each for Directional Deformation in X, Y and Z. Add the Deformation to the Location to know the location in space where the node with 2 mm of deformation ends up.nn