>Who are Adam, Schuhl and DamonnThe people who established the spin-wave theory and tech... Sorry, Suhl works are generally on nonlinearity, so I should not have to mention him here. I tried remembering where have I seen the 45deg cut film guide for the first time. That was an overview on filters and signal enhancers from around early 70's; but I could not find it in my library, and made a wild guess.n>It doesn't make a difference.nYou mean, you have checked, or is it your guess? That is my guess as well... but my experience tells me, you should try doing that first to be sure.n>I find HFSS always will evaluate an expression in base units (meters, for example), even if one of the variables has been defined separately with units of mm.nThat depends on the sequence of variables. But as I said, it really is better calculating everything in dimensionless values scaled to base SI units first, and applying a unit multiplier at the end.n