nnThank you for the suggestion Rob. I've changed it to a coarser tet mesh further afield as it wasn't really impacting the flow. I already have the BOIs where I need them anyways to ensure the mesh sizing key flow areas. I was wondering however if there was a way to improve the quality of my mesh after adding an inflation layer. before the inflation layer my minimum quality is greater than 0.2. once I add the inflation, regardless of the method, the minimum quality drops to 0.012. Specifically, the wedge cells around the spokes are of poor quality as shown in the picture. I have tried creating a finer surface mesh, and also tried refining the surrounding mesh as well but that didn't fix the issue. te spokes are rectangular spokes that have a cross section of 1x2mm. Is this a matter of adjusting the capture curvature or proximity settings? nnnElement Quality northogonal quality nnn