nThank you very much Erik,nAs you said, I am trying to remove contact and use share topology, and here as you can see, I couldn't do it from share topology in workbench tab in SpaceClaim, I should also say, I have many small elements with thickness of 5 mm which in touch from both sides (Pattern elements in red in the picture), so I did from the Properties tab, Analysis window, and I selected share instead of none for all the elements, and when I do the meshing it gives me 4 errors in the last picture, nFirst I need to say is it right if I select the share topology the way I did, ( since it automatically removed most contact regions), and do you know what should I do for meshing it, for meshing it I used multi zone method and next time with no methods and no other features( automatically by program control ) but still gives me an error,nnnOmid.n