It is now updated RHEL 7.5 to 7.7 remotely.nIt is using TigerVNC server, not Real VNC.nAfter the update of RHEL, the design modeller and mesher can not start and error message is;n[VGL] ERROR:Could not open display :1.0.n   Error:SERVER TO CLIENT CONNECTION ERROR:Connection to WB failed:System.ArgumentException: Invalid port number 0 upon calling CreatePortBasedURIn at Ans.IPC.Remoting.Common.Connection.CreatePortBasedURI (System.Int32 portNumber, System.Type requestedType) [0x00023] in <46baf23f153a45738c126797ab4c5b9b>:0 n at Ans.IPC.Remoting.Server.ServerToClientConnection.InitialConnect (System.Type classToProxy) [0x00000] in <46baf23f153a45738c126797ab4c5b9b>:0 n at Ans.IPC.Remoting.Server.ServerToClientConnection.TryToConnect () [0x00000] in <46baf23f153a45738c126797ab4c5b9b>:0for the display, vglrun -d:1.0 glxgears is perfactly working and run ansys as vglrun -d :1.0 wb211 showed above error.n