Array, still waiting for your views on this one?nPlus, you mentioned this, 3) Also, can the mathematics behind the ANSYS cause a singularity to be seen at the transition from one composite layer to another - No, I don't see any reason for this to happen. I mean the reason can be that the single set of nodes only a line where the transitioning is happening between two layers of composite having a different ply layup, so it means that single set of nodes are a part of two different stiffnesses, one belonging to the composite layer on its left and other belonging to composite layer on its right. Now, isn't this considered as an abrupt change in the stiffness matrix at those nodes? I was thinking this will cause the singularity to be seen at the transition location because of the mathematics behind the ANSYS FEA, but you said it shouldn't. nFor the solids, the situation is going to be different unless I use shared topology between two solids of different Elastic Moduli, or a node merge between them. Isn't it?nArray, if you would like to add something here, I would be glad. Thank you.n