Govindan Nagappan
Ansys Employee
ArraynYou can use this solution for future projects, not existing model:nIn WB project schematic, right click on Geometry cell and select Properties. In details of properties, set "compare parts on update" to associatively. Then import the model into Mechanical and define your loads/BC/Mesh scoping. Now, if you go back and change the geometry in CAD and update it in Mechanical , scoping should be maintained for bodies that are not modifiednYou can make this setting as default, by going to WB project schematic -> Tools -> Options -> Geometry Import. set "compare parts on update" to associatively and then click OK. Next time you launch WB and create new project, this setting will be used. This will not change existing projectsn=================================nYour current model probably does not have this setting turned on. So associativity is NOT maintainednConsider using Model assembly for current model. This way you can send the mesh, contacts, joints, remote points etc from current system to a new analysis system (This will NOT include loads/BC's). In a separate Mechanical Model system, you can import and mesh the modified geometry and send the mesh the new analysis system. Your new analysis system will be the assembly, where you have to define loads/bcs. nExample schematicnn