Hello,nAbout the details of the mesh : 0.71 million elements, 0.4 million nodes, Triangles except for inflationnnnnAspect Ratio : (moyenne = average)nnSkewness :nnOrthogonal Quality :nnHere are the Mesh quality given by Fluent : nnThese are the General options :nnA clarification concerning the boundary conditions, I used a 'Pressure-Inlet' condition for the 'Outlet 1' and a 'Pressure outlet' condition for 'Outlet'. To be noted, I used the identical backflow Turbulent length scale for every boundary condition. (0.006m : diameter of the nozzle exit). This might be something to be improve. Regarding the Thermal component, I used for every boundary condition 300K. nnnAbout the Solution Methods you asked :nnAbout the Solution Controls choices. I can not increase or decrease the Courant Number with this set-up (Density-based + Steady). During my simulation, I decreased them until 0.1.nnI used a hybrid-initilization. I did not use the command /solve/initialize/fmg yes. This could be helping. nnAbout the Free Courses, I found this one :n and this one : nBut you are probably talking about this one ?nnNone of them are dealing with a Supersonic Impinging jet but I will work on it!nnThank you for your help!nnGuillaumen