Ansys Employee
Hello,nAccording to Dr. Xu, our developer:*Mat_102 is not supported by SPH yet. I am not quite familiar with Polymer... *MAT_BAMMAN, Material Type 51 and 52. It allows the modeling of temperature and rate dependent plasticity with a fairly complex model that has many input parameters. You should check our Vol-2 manual for various mat models that may be used for polymers and test them., for example: *MAT_PLASTICITY_POLYMER, *MAT_POLYMER, *MAT_SIMPLIFIED_RUBBER/FOAM, *MAT_SAMP-1, etc. If a model isimplemented and not working correctly, we will review and make corrections. For models that have not been implemented, we'll make a note. But the implementation depends on the number requests for any feature.nCheers,nIann