Sean Harvey
Ansys Employee
,nSo, if you change the behavior on the remote point to beam, you can tailor the material radius and the material E to give you finite stiffness, and it won't need to be excessively high as rigid is really just an idealization. You can tailor as needed and unlikely you would need to make so high as to ill-condition the matrix, but maybe your situation is something I am not considering.nThe issue is that Mechanical is not applying the thermal load to the beam.nIf I take the setup from Mechanical into MAPDL, I can then use the bfe command with temp and specify the same thermal condition temperature on all the beam188s that got generated. When I run a model with this, I get negligible stress increases.nThe issue is to run this in Mechanical with out going to MAPDL, we will need some APDL commands to issue the bfe command to the beam elements that get generated. nAre you familiar with APDL? If so,then you can insert a command object, at the environment level, like you are inserting your thermal load.nIn that command object you can put in n/SOLUnesel,s,enam,,188nbfe,all,temp,1,100nallselnHere I am selecting all the beam188 that got generated and apply a temp of 100. You would need to elaborate this to limit the selection of beam188 (if you did not want to apply to all) or have other thermal conditions on beams on your model that this would interfere with. You also need to change the 100 to your thermal condition value (C,F,R, or K) careful with units.nI hope this helps.nRegards,nSeann