Karthik R
Hello Udit,nUnfortunately, I don't have a handy reference I can provide. You might have to dig into the literature. There are many papers that estimate Kl with porosity. Many hydraulic loss textbooks and handbooks should have correlations. Based on what you are attempting to model, I'd strongly recommend that you look into the literature for this data. Once you have the correlation, you should be able to plug the porosity and estimate the value of Kl. This becomes your input. nIf you don't have an exact number, perhaps running a sensitivity test might at least give you an idea of how this factor would affect your overall simulation. But, to narrow down your results and get some physical conclusions, you will need to nail this parameter Kl.nI'm not aware of any other way to estimate this value (unfortunately).nI hope this helps.nKarthikn