ArrayThank you for your response. As far as I know, the coal calculator also calculates the enthalpy of formation of the artificial vol molecules, in such a way that:the enthalpy of reaction from char oxidation + the enthalpy of reaction of the Volatiles combustion match the HHV of the coal, the latter being an input too.That is the only explanation that comes to my mind for now, however I am interested in the full combustion steps of biomass (drying + devolatilization + Volatiles combustion + char oxidation). As you say, the coal combustion template is very basic, and at some point I will need to balance an appropriate thermal cracking under flash pyrolysis conditions, but this is just step 2 out 4!nnIf someone has an idea on how to get the enthalpy of formation of the Volatiles, please help me by continuing the discussion. Thanks!!