Hi Wilfred nWhat was the clock speed of the old workstation? What is the clock speed of the new workstation?nIf the old workstation had a 3.6 GHz clock and the new workstation has a 1.8 GHz clock, single thread calculations will take twice as long.nThere is a linear relationship between clock speed and solution time.nHowever, the relationship between cores and solution time is very nonlinear and highly dependent on the type of solver and the type of model.nIn general, doubling the number of cores will not half the solution time. Doubling again will have an even smaller reduction.nSmall models may not benefit very much from high core counts. Larger models may be required to see the effect.nYou also need to have the HPC licenses to use many cores. Without an HPC license, the solver will use 4 cores and no more.n