Ansys Employee
,nThe first step would be to assign material properties and then create a good mesh for the the parts in your model. There are various mesh controls (RMB>mesh) that allow you to get a high quality mesh, however you could start with the default global settings. If the mesh is course enough reduce the element size. Next you need to assign connections between your parts. If the parts are fixed against each other insert a bonded connection. After this specify the boundary conditions and load. Apply supports(RMB>inserts>different supports are available) where the bottom surface is bolted (you could apply a fixed support), and on the reinforcement bars. Now apply a load on the anchor rod (RMB>static structural>force). Next RMB>solution and insert the quantities which you want to visualize (deformation, stress etc) and click on solve. If you are new to ANSYS you could take courses on https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/structures/ for a detailed understanding of topics in structural simulations. You could start with https://courses.ansys.com/index.php/courses/stress-analysis/. Unfortunately ANSYS staff cannot download attachments, feel free to insert images instead.nRegards,nIshan.n