Hello Sai, nThank you so much for your response. nOnly the weight of the model acts on the body + an additional distributed mass. I am trying to apply an acceleration to the assembly to see how it behaves.nI have included the picture.nnAnd for the boundary condition, I fixed the vertices to the ground. (Body-ground joint) And ran the analysis. I am getting results and it looks somewhat ok. I tried then again with fixed supports on the vertices and 0 displacements on the vertices, but the stresses I get are significantly lower compared to the fixed to the ground joint method. What should be the most accurate fixture? Was I correct in fixing the vertices to the ground? The logic was to simulate the real bc, in which this body will be bolted to the bigger body (let's say in the corners, allowing the beams (profiles) to undergo stresses). Is my logic correct? Could this be an acceptable representation of the actual problem? nThank you again.n