John Doyle
Ansys Employee
The short answer is that WB-Additive does not account for phase change between solid and liquid phases.nThere is no enthalpy vs temperature property used in the transient thermal. In the static structural run , we set a new layer, which is already solid, then allow it cool between layers. If a user wants to set the new layer temperature to a higher value, the liquid-solid phase change can be captured, but the user would need to update the material properties to capture that. Our sample properties generally do not go into that range.  nHaving said that, we do offer a relaxation temperature (TRELAX) field as part of the AMMAT command at which the past history is lost (plastic strains reset to zero): nAMMAT, MATPART, TMELT,TRELAXnThis might give you something close enough, but you would have to validate it.