Hey Aniket,nApologies for the delayed response; however, this issue started immediately when I download ANSYS 2020R2.n1) I made both program paths for ANSYSFW and ANSYSFWW as inbound and outbound rules allowing connection with all, rule gets applied in public, private, and domain. This did not seem to work, even after restart on laptop. n2) This laptop only has one graphic card, an Intel (R) HD 4000. I find it hard to believe the graphics card would be the issue if the simulations run smoothly. The card along with the system is up to date. Below you can see my task manager results while in engineering data as well. n3) I copied the command into the terminal for the reset but did not help, even after reset. Instead of v195, I am using v202 if that makes any difference.I appreciate your help throughout this. Some other specs of my laptop that could be helpful are in the picture below:nIf you need any other hardware specs or information please do not hesitate to reach out as I can provide them as soon as possible.nnThank you,nColin Beatty n