Andreas Koutras
Ansys Employee
Hello loukham,If you want to see where contact takes place, you can fringe plot the contact pressure which is available in the binary database intfor. To trigger the output of intfor:n1) Include *DATABASE_BINARY_INTFOR in the input file.n2) Set SPR=1 or MPR=1 for the *CONTACT surfaces you need to include in the intfor database.n3) Include S= on the execution line to assign a name to the intfor database.nIn addition, for MORTAR contacts only, there is an option to output the magnitude of the contact penetrations in d3plot and intfor. See the parameter PENOUT in *CONTROL_OUTPUT and NPEN in *DATABASE_EXTENT_INTFOR. You can fringe the penetrations through Fringe Component> Ndv.nIf your contacts have initial penetrations (those should be avoided), the initial penetrations can be written in the message file by setting IGNORE=2 in the contact definition. In addition, LS-PrePost has a tool to visualize (and fix) initial penetrations. This can be found in Application> Model Checking> General Checking> Contact Check.nI hope this helps.nRegards,nAKn