Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee
HinnThis link shows how to do it for a convection load, but the same principle there can be applied to any load so AddDisplacement(), AddForce, etc.nn

Dear Ansys Learning Forum Team,I am writing an Iron Python script on Ansys Mechanical for a thermal problem.When a convection load is created (A), in order to define the Film coefficient (, I need to perform a click on the dropdown list and then, I can select the Tabular option (C). (See attached figure).However, if I want to automatize this task, I can not do it manually. Therefore, my question is how to define a film coefficient table by command line? (i.e. to perform task (C) ).Any suggestion will be appreciated.Best regards,Ramiro M.Ps: After reading the Ansys ACT manual, it saysField Convection.FilmCoefficient { get; }Gets the FilmCoefficient.RemarksThis property cannot be set. When one wants to change its value, one should operate on the returned Field object, either on its inputs or on its output variables .

nThank younnErikn