I'm not sure if there is something different about either Ansys EDT or Windows 10 since last year, but I started off the process of determining which ports I needed to open in the firewall by just turning the firewall back on with no additional ports open. I went to start a solve, then was prompted by Windows about making a few firewall exceptions:nPMI proxy for Hydra Process Manager:nC:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\common\fluent_mpi\multiport\mpi\win64\intel\bin\pmi_proxy.exenProcess manager for MPI applications:nC:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\common\fluent_mpi\multiport\mpi\win64\intel\bin\mpiexec.exenHF3d Solver:nC:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\hf3d.exenI gave permission for access and then everything worked just fine. No need for the manual port opening I expected.nThank you for the resources, though. I will resort to these if I have any issues in the future.n-Alexn