Phil J
Hi Geo,nThe error occurred again today in Ms. Jill Johnson's class. This is the message I received from Ms. Johnson. They were not using the Weblabs application. It happened while in the computer lab.nHi Phil! nI had this happen to one of my students for the first time today! nWe messed around with a few things, like going to different PCs and checking the storage on his V and X drives and we didn't get anywhere. I had him put in a help request to IT to have them reset the ANSYS files in his profile, but I suspect you've already tried this and have had no luck. He was working on the Allen Wrench lab when it happened, which is the first non-linear lab we do in my FEA course.nFor now, I have him working with another student, but if you get any help back from ANSYS, let me know what you find. nJill n