nThanks for the help. I think I got it, Although I still need something clarified. nHere is how I do it. nnWhy is the droplet like this?. The way I understand this, you setup a coarse mesh and you define the interface where you want a refined mesh. So, shouldn't the shape hold accurately, if we do this?. Below are images for 0s, 0.02s and 0.04s. What am I doing wrong?nnThe shape holds properly if I do not do mesh adoption. Should it not be the opposite, since we are increasing the number of elements at the interface.nAlso since I am using a STUDENT version, is there a way I can limit the maximum number of elements/created ?. Because from what I can see from above, it is creating a huge volume for mesh adaption, even though its not needed.nThanks for all the help.n