Hi DrAmine,nWhere should I plot a line? It'a 3D pipe. Actually I am trying to simulate annular flow in a tube. I divided the pipe in 3 section . 'Injection wall' to apply liquid mass flux, 'stabilization wall' to form the film and finally the film in 'annular' region. Mainly I need to draw wall film thickness of water and mass flow rate of water in annular section.nMore info about model,The simulation includes a two-dimensional Eulerian liquid film model coupled to a three-dimensional core model (including vapor flow and droplets) based on the Eulerian – Lagrangian approachnThe liquid film should be simulated as a two-dimensional Eulerian model while the vapor-droplets model should be simulated as a three-dimensional Eulerian – Lagrangian model, both models are simultaneously coupled.nnThank YounAnadi