Mike Rife
Ansys Employee
If solve jobs sent to the cluster will only solve using one core and not using distributed parallel processing, please bring this to the attention of the cluster admin. There could be something misconfigured with the Slurm queue. nIf your solution is hanging when solving locally, check the solution information: is there any information given? If not then most likely some security program has stopped the start up of the solver. Remember that WB Mechanical is a pre and post processor. Mechanical APDL is being used as the solver behind the scenes. So Mechanical passes off the input file and the solve settings (number of cpu cores etc) and a script starts up MAPDL. When the MAPDL start up is interrupted the vast majority of the time some security program is blocking it. This can happen even if it worked in the past: the security programs can get their settings corrupted on an update.nMike n