Hi Peter,nthanks for reply. I just googled it and it seems promising. I will watch the Tutorials on YouTube for sure. If you want to help, that would be great as well. So we can maybe compare our results after.nThe layers are as followed:n1.5mm first Sheet in Aluminiumn.4mm 2nd Sheet in PET (Plastic)n.4mm 3rd Sheet in EVA (Plastic)n.4mm 4th Sheet in Silicon anisotropicn.4mm 5th Sheet in EVA (Plastic)n.075mm 6th Sheet in PET (Plastic)nnDimensions 500mmx700mm with 2 Symmetries (its a quarter of a plate)nnmy Ansys version is Workbench 2020 R1nthank you for your help!nbest Rothun