Hello everybody, nI am using three User defined scalars to track blood form three inlet towards two outlets to find the percent distribution of blood reached from each inlet at two outlets.nI specified values for each UDS = 1 at their respective inlets and use diffusion coefficient = 3.2*10-5 kg/m2 sec (diffusion coefficient of blood in blood). Sources term was taken to be zero and at outlet Flux was set to 0. Convective terms were set to mass flow rate and non-steady term to none.nWhen I run the simulation it gives me error after running simulation for two seconds ( No of iteration = 700) divergence detected in uds-2 floating point exception.I want to know what could be the possible cause of divergence boundary conditions at inlets and outlet, diffusion coefficient or mesh quality. nScreen shots of residuals are attached.Thanks in advancennFaiqnn