Karthik R
Hello,nIn any scenario, the velocity of the fluid adjacent to the stationary wall must be 0. This is true for any location irrespective of whether you are looking at the inlet or center of the pipe or outlet. In your case, you are imposing a constant velocity at the inlet of 5 m/s. You might want to change your approach slightly here. Instead of using a constant velocity, could you please try this?nTake a small section of the pipe, run a streamwise periodic simulation. It means that your inlet and outlet boundaries are periodic. This will give you a fully developed solution after you complete your steady-state run. Write out the velocity profile at the outlet boundary.nRead this profile file into your Fluent simulation and impose this as your new inlet velocity condition for your simulation.nAlso, make sure you are using second-order schemes. And for this problem, you don't need to use PRESTO! or QUICK. Second-order upwind should be sufficient. PRESTO! is generally used when you have strong body forces in your simulation.nLet me know your findings.nThank you.nKarthikn