,Mainly the film will form on the tube surface due to applying water mass flux at a surface near inlet(injection_wall) by EWF model. But if liquid droplets from the core region(core region is consist of vapor and liquid droplets) touches the liquid film ,droplet will be trapped in the liquid film and added with the mass of liquid(liquid mass source)nThe overall scenario is:n1.In the core region of tube vapor and droplets will flow(core region is consist of vapor and liquid droplets)n2.Liquid film will form at the surface of tuben3.Liquid from the film can enter into the core as a droplets due to entrainment and if droplets touches the liquid film , it will be trapped ,and added with liquid mass (deposition)nI followed everything you mentioned in your last reply. nWould you tell me, Should I use Eulerian Multiphase model or not? If no, then I will turn off this model and run calculation again.nAccording to your reply, I am understanding this way,n1.Use DPM to simulate tube core. Here I can use injection to create droplets.n2.Use EWF to form liquid film on tube surface and coupled these two modelnAm I on right track?nI have added an image that I am trying to simulate.nThank you nAnadin