Horizontal Slice through the Duct TreennVertical Slices through each duct, diffusers are pointing up.nIn Meshing, I named each diffuser outlet individually. Here is the Surface Integral Report on Mass Flow Rate:      nFlow RatenVelocity Magnitude (m/s)(kg/s)n-------------------------------- --------------------ninlet 0.55125noutlet-a1 -0.033792286noutlet-a2 -0.049290673noutlet-a3 -0.064988827noutlet-a4 -0.075592129noutlet-b1 -0.023795012noutlet-b2 -0.039852063noutlet-b3 -0.065017148noutlet-b4 -0.084580287noutlet-c1 -0.060169858noutlet-c2 -0.080808306noutlet-d -0.039081787nwall-oneduct-px_duct-px 0n---------------- --------------------nNet -0.065718376nnNotice that there is a 12% mass flow rate imbalance since the Net value should be zero.nThis is because the Continuity Residual has not gone down sufficiently.nI ran this for 1000 iterations and it didn't go down much further.nCFD experts, what is needed to get the Net Mass Flow smaller?n