Thanks for replying. I tried using the curvature sizing function, as well as adding edge sizing to the wing cross-sectional edges, which resolved the issue of sharp leading-edge, however, it gave me around 22 million elements and I don't have enough computational power to run the solution. Increasing the sizing functions is giving me the ' Floating Point Exception' error when I try to run the simulation. I tried another mesh combination (does not include inflation) which gave me the following mesh:nnHowever, the face mesh in the tree outline became as follows:nwhich could be due to improper selection for the face mesh, however, I don't understand why in this case, the domain mesh near the leading edge of the wing followed the airfoil shape precisely, while when the 'face mesh' is successful (green check), it again results as following:nFor some reason, my mesh is not generating at all without adding the 'Face Mesh' function, unless for the two cases as I described above. Anyway to solve this issue please?n