Here is my comment regarding accuracy. nAny numerical calculations, has some sort of error. And we try to minimise this error until it is negligible. To minimise this error we do sensitivity test trying to find the coarsest mesh size that makes the error negligible. We do the same with the time step trying to have largest time step that makes the error negligible ...nWhen we run the simulation, we look for convergence ... what is convergence, it is a solution that does not change with doing more iteration, or change within our acceptable error margin .. To know that the solution does not change, we look for the residuals to become constants ... reaching straight line. Even if the value is still large 1e-2 for example, we can still consider this as converged solution.ow the question is, can I trust the results after all of this? The answer depends on the application ... If you try to publish CFD results without comparison with experimental data, the first comment from the reviewers will be on validating the model. So, we always look for the closest trustful experimental data and try to replicate the results. Then we validate the model within uncertainty range .. And now we are able to change the parameters and do our study.nSo, I am not going to judge the results and I am leaving this for validation!n